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We do the little bit extra that makes the big difference

I want to give the best possible service at a sensible price. We use the best products we can offer. I take my time with every client and try to focus all my energies on that person. I do my best and God willing it all works out for the best.

In 1983 I started Custom Floors, a wood flooring company, from scratch. I stored my equipment in my Grandperant’s garage and used my old Pontiac to transport it from job to job. I was working with a partner back then and learned the basics from him. I did a lot of trial and error. In 1984 I bought a new truck and rented some warehouse from my Dad who gave me a lot of business advise. I worked in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. My main area was Waterbury, Connecticut. I had up to 8 people working with me back in ’86 and ’87. There was a realestate boom going on and the contractors and realestate agent never asked how much only when can you get it done. We went “great guns” until 1989 when the bottom fell out of the market. I went back to basics. I kept my best two guys and limped on from there. The Northeast never recovered fully from that until after I left.

In 1994 I had decided to move to Florida. It was right after the realestate bust of 1989 that I figured I would do something different. So I packed up my Trailer and headed to Florida. I was not sure wood floors would be an option in such a hot humid climate. Little did I know that this area was just dying to get someone who knew about wood floors. It seemed that everyone was from the Northeast and they all wanted wood floors just like they had “up North”. My first couple of years were very tough. I didn’t realize that when I came to Florida that people were very weary of new people in business. They were skeptical but once they knew you and trusted you they held you dear. Over the years I have met some wonderful people. I have stayed small, working alone for the first 5 years. In 2001 I reunited with my cousin Jim and worked with him until 2004. During this time I started buying houses and fixing them up on my own.

In 2011 after the recession, I decided to diversify, I studied at Gold Coast School for Two years before I passed the Building Contractors exam. I am now certified building contractor. This includes remodeling and new construction. This serves me well for my next step….

In 2013 I decided to become a real estate agent so back to Gold Coast I went. My Dad has been in real estate, buying and selling properties, in Connecticut, my whole life. I found the course fascinating and learned a lot. I did very well on my exams and am now licensed to sell. My long time friend Michael Schelling opened Schelling and associates, a small “boutique” firm dedicated to teamwork and service. I’m home. I get along well with all the agents in the office and hope I can be a valuable member of the team.

My specialties are rehab/”handyman specials” and income property. With my training, years in the real estate, and experience in construction I know I can meet the needs of my clients.

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